Sunday, May 6, 2012

When I Was a New Mama . . .

Boy, does this bring back memories!  Being a book lover, I began to read to my son when he was only months old, and then carried on with my granddaughters as they were born.  This story is exactly the kind that I liked to share with them.

“God Gave Us You,” is a very sweet little board book written by Lisa Tawn Bergren and beautifully illustrated.  It is about a Papa and Mama polar bear and their Little Cub.  One night as Mama was tucking Little Cub into bed, she asked, “Mama, where did I come from?”  There follows a delightful and loving conversation where Mama answers questions from Little Cub and explains that Little Cub was a truly treasured gift from God.  Papa and Mama were so excited and even the angels in heaven were celebrating because Little Cub was growing inside Mama.  As Mama’s tummy got bigger and bigger, Papa talked to Little Cub and sang to her because he wanted Little Cub to be born knowing his voice.  They prayed every night to God that Little Club would have straight bones and a strong heart, but most of all that someday Little Club would love God.  Mama continued with the story and when she came to the end, Little Cub went happily to sleep because she knew that God had given her to parents who wanted her and loved her very much.  The story is so touching that I believe if you read it to your child, he or she will truly feel like a gift from the Lord.

I received this book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review and really enjoyed it.

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  1. It is a very sweet book. We have it in our church library.