Monday, September 17, 2012

Is there a Jezebel in your Life?

“Confronting Jezebel:  Discerning and Defeating the Spirit of Control,” by Steve Sampson was originally published in 1996. During the following years, he continued to study more about the evil spiritual principality of control and in 2012 he published a revised and expanded edition. The author shows us that more than the name of an evil queen, Jezebel is a spirit of control who works its evil on men and women with passive spirits.

Mr. Sampson does an excellent job of explaining the Jezebel principality – the characteristics of a Jezebel, the sinister strategies of Jezebel, what it’s like to see a Jezebel in action and the damage it can cause, with one purpose: to work against the move of God’s Spirit. Amazingly, the people who have a Jezebel spirit of control can have a magnetic attraction, especially to believers who have little or no interest in learning about spiritual warfare. Passive believers can be easily manipulated by people with a Jezebel spirit of control. They are dazzled by the strong leadership qualities of a Jezebel, while behind the scene the Jezebel is planting seeds of discontent, mistrust, and doubt. Their lack of knowledge and preparation makes it impossible for them to even recognize the effects of demonic forces. The author goes on to teach us how to confront and battle the Jezebel spirit of control, all based on biblical truths with scripture included. “For our wrestling is not against flesh and blood, but against the principalities, against the powers, against the world-rulers of this darkness, against the spiritual [hosts] of wickedness in the heavenly [places].” Eph 6:12.

I definitely would recommend this book as one everyone should read. It will really open your eyes and make you aware of how important it is to put on “the whole armor of God.”

*This book was received free through Bethany House Book Reviewers in exchange for my unbiased review.