Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Live the Virtues

Hi there, friends,
Recently I hosted a swap of pages for a  "Virtues Book."  Each participant chose a virtue and illustrated the chosen virtue on a 4 1/4" x 5 1/2" card stock page - front and back, and then decorated and embellished it.  We each designed our own cover and chose our own binding method.  I used my Paper Drill to drill a hole in the upper left-hand corner, then  fastened it together with a metal binder ring.  Finally, I added several black and colorful yellow ribbons to the metal ring.  This darling little book is  now displayed on my coffee table.  I love doing collaborative projects because they showcase so many styles of personal creativeness -- always a delight to see.  This beautiful little book will be wonderful for times of meditation, to sit and reflect on the meaning of each virtue and how Jesus teaches us to seek them and let them become a part of who we are.  I like, too, that it will be a constant reminder of how God is molding me to be more Christ-like in my character.  Best of all is, and it's no accident I'm sure, that I'm always finding my dear Lord right in the middle of my paper crafts hobby.  Awesome and all to His glory!!!
Hope you enjoy looking at our book. 

OK, time for the show to start - enjoy.

Title Page
Virtues Poem

Tranquility - Lisa Barber (Front)


Tranquility - Lisa Barber (Back)

Carol Cone - Courage (Front)
Carol Cone - Courage (Back)


Joy - Mary Darnell (Back)
Joy - Mary Darnell (Front)

Patience - Peg Waldron (Front)
Peg Waldron - Patience (Back)

Kindness - Phyllis Schaffer (Front)
Kindness - Phyllis Schaffer (Back)

Forbearance - Ronnie Lorenz (Front & Back)
Charity - Ann Lancaster (Front)
Charity - Ann Lancaster (Back)


  1. This was such a nice swap! Thanks for hosting it and for displaying it. I'm trying to decide if I will make it a book now or wait until after the second swap. And, I too love that Christ is involved in our paper arts -as He should be in our whole life!

  2. Yes, I agree that some types of binding would require waiting until after the second swap is received. I think that the size of the binding ring I chose allows enough room for the second set of pages. Amen to Christ being involved in our whole lives!