Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Summer Days

When I think of summer, one theme that comes to mind is tropical blue water, sandy beaches, and sea shells. What I actually get is a backyard pool and sea shell patterned beach towels. Oh well, that’s OK . . . while I’m floating around on my air mattress I can pretend I’m anywhere in the world. So far, the waters of the Carribbean are my favorite. Thank you, Lord, for my imagination! This brings to mind the tapered, tri-fold sea shell card I made. Using a white 8 ½ x 11” sheet of cardstock, I made a tapered diagonal cut from the top of the 8 ½” side to the other end of the 11" length, leaving one side 8 1/2 " high and the other side about 3 1/4” high. Then fold the cardstock into thirds. Using sea shell stamps, I stamped the images all along the diagonal cut on the inside of the card. Then after turning the card over, I stamped just the middle section with stamps that matched the images other side. Next I cut out around the top of the sea shell images. Tiny little “real” shells were used for embellishment, and the card was finished off with a sentiment which I stamped, cut out the words, and then layered them onto the card. Using the basic card shape, you could use any stamp design as long as it is approximately the same shape all the way around. I think I’m going to try some flowers or leaves next, or make a child’s card using teddy bears. Ooh, now I’m excited to get on to the next one!
Folded Card

Inside of Card

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