Friday, September 4, 2009

Look What's Coming!

Look what's coming to Wenatchee Valley Baptist Church! If you are within driving distance to Wenatchee, Washington, you won't want to miss this women's conference, "Free to be Real." Click on the link below to check out who the speakers and entertainers will be during this event:

What a fun time this will be of connecting with other women in worship and inspirational messages. Tickets are only $20 and that includes lunch - what a deal! Call the church office Monday - Thursday, 9-4, to purchase a ticket, 509/663-4868.

Don't you just love the neon colors of the Ewomen poster! Who would have thought that hot pink and orange would look so good together. Uhmm, neon -- that reminds me, Stamp Zia has released a new product -- neon colored pencils. They match Zia's Neon Jewels watercolor washes. Take a look at them here:

Let me see, how many mochas will I need to forgo so I can add them to my toolbox . . . oh, I'll figure that out later.
Here are some pieces I painted for card making using the Neon Jewel color washes and rubber stamps from Stamp Zia and watercolor paper. They are so bright and colorful -- I think they will be perfect to send to someone in need of being cheered up. Now to figure out some card layouts.
The background technique is very simple: 1) Pour about 1/2 tsp of one of the Neon Jewels onto a non-porous surface (glass table top or smooth counter surface both work well). Press your watercolor paper into the paint. Pick up the paper and place it down again into a second color, making sure the color is "printed" partially over the first color (turn your paper in a different direction in order to allow other colors to layer over the previous colors). Repeat this step with remaining colors until the entire surface is covered. Dry surface with heat gun. 2) Stamp your image in permanent ink and dry with heat gun. And there you have it.

Oh, one more thing, let me share with you the new bible verse I posted in the right column. It's an especially meaningful one to me -- maybe it's one of your favorites too.


  1. love the watercolors you made! so pretty :)

  2. I signed up for the women's conference. Whoo hoo!