Thursday, November 10, 2011

Pray for the Veterans and the Men & Women of our Military Forces

Book Cover

 I started this altered book several years ago in honor of all my family members that had served in the military, and there's a long line of them.  Thankfully, none of them were seriously injured and none were lost in combat.  Sean, my grandson-in-law, was serving in Iraq, so I spent a lot of time following the newspaper reports and TV news.  Mindy, my granddaughter, and Sean had become a family of 3 just a few months before Sean was deployed overseas.  Their second son was born while Sean was serving his second tour in Iraq.

Well, the book got shelved for a long time.  I'd take it out, look at  all the ideas I had written down, and layouts that I had marked out -- and then just put the book back in the box and put it on the shelf.  I don't know why I couldn't finish it other than I'd always get emotional thinking about Sean and all the other soldiers,  all the wounded, all the deaths, all the destruction, all the heartache.  It just seemed better to wait awhile. 

Looks like the "wait awhile" has passed, so once again I've taken down the book and this time I'm going to finish it.  I don't understand war, but I know that God does, and that ultimately He knows what's needed.  My job is to have faith, to pray without ceasing, and to be humbly thankful for the brave, dedicated men and women who protect my life and freedom.  May God watch over them with blessings and protection.

Tomorrow I'm going to start on one of those new layouts, but for now I'd like to share with you a couple of completed sections.  Anything patriotic has to be red, white and blue, right?   May your Veteran's Day be a good day of remembrance and thanksgiving.


Inside Cover - Dedication Page

The Pledge of Allegiance