Thursday, September 8, 2011

A River to Cross

Yvonne Harris is a new author to me.  I haven’t read a book like this since I was the age of being bright-eyed and believing that there was a good looking, hunk of a man who was both tough on the outside and tender on the inside just waiting to sweep me off my feet, and we would live in sweet wedded bliss ever after. However, if you’re wanting a bit of time to let your mind waltz you away from the ordinary things of life, then this book will take you dancing through a dream-come-true romance.

Set in the Texas frontier of the late 1800’s, Texas Ranger Jake Nelson begins a two-fold secret mission into Mexico to rescue Elizabeth Evans, the daughter of a U.S. Senior Senator from Texas, and to apprehend and bring to justice the rogue general, Manuel Diego. Once Elizabeth is snatched from captivity, Jake, his men, and Elizabeth begin the long run for their lives back to the border at the Rio Grande River. Adding to the difficulty, Elizabeth had never ridden a horse, having only recently moved from city life in Washington D.C. to the frontier town of El Paso. Amid the danger and turmoil encountered along the way, Jake and Elizabeth find that they are extremely attracted to each other - not good.  Romance and attachments are not what either of them wanted in their future.  Elizabeth was recovering from the death of her husband and Jake was still trying to overcome his bitterness at finding his intended fiance with another man.

This book was tagged as Christian Fiction and Historical Fiction. I found little evidence of it being Christian fiction other than a quick reference to prayer here and there. However, I was extremely pleased to find no swearing or immoral behavior. Historical information was a little more plentiful.

All in all, there was a good story line. My disappointment was that the characters and the story were not more fully developed. But with only 275 pages, how deep could it get? Definitely a quick read.

*This book was received free in exchange for my unbiased review through Bethany House Book Reviewers.