Thursday, November 20, 2014

Cats and Christmas Card - a Sweet Combination

Anyone that knows me, knows that cats are an important part of my life.  When I hold KoKo's sweet little warm body to my chest and listen to the soft purring and feel the little rubbing against my neck,  I know that I am holding a precious gift that the Lord has put in my care.  A little gift that quiets my mind and brings on relaxation, and gives me unrestrained love.  I think KoKo must have learned those things from God!
So when I saw a card on the Kittie Kraft blog with a cat on it, I knew that I had to make one also.  This is my version:
I couldn't resist placing a little cat peeking from behind the wall of the staircase.  So adorable!  Because of all the little pieces, it does take a good bit of time to assemble it all.  But it is well worth the effort and just plain fun!  Following are some directions that should make it easier for you if you decide to take it on. 
Enjoy - and blessings to you,

Staircase & Christmas Tree Card
Card Base:  10” x 5”  (makes a 5x5 square card)
Panel:  2 ¾ “ x 5”
Decorative Paper:  2 pieces  5” x 5” and 5 ¼” x 2 7/8”

1.  Glue tops of little Christmas stockings and wheels on train set.  Set aside.

2.  Trace around the inside of the die cut window onto decorative wallpaper.  Cut it out so that no pencil marks show and no wallpaper shows when the window is placed over it.

3.  Using a finger dauber make a sky effect on the small white panel and attach it behind the cutout in the wallpaper.

4.  Adhere the wallpaper to the card base. 

5.  Trim and adhere the baseboard to the bottom of the wall.  Set aside.

6.  On the decorative paper staircase die cut, trim off the banister.  Adhere it to the white staircase die cut, leaving a small amount of white showing at each step.  Trim away excess wallpaper and mount to card base wall.

7.  Attach the two smaller trees to the back of the window frame and then mount over the window opening.

8.  On the large tree, cut off about half of the trunk and mount it to the staircase panel.

9.  Glue the star onto the treetop. 

10.  Trim and glue on the baseboard at the bottom of the staircase panel.

11.  Add light string trim to the tree.

12. Add stockings to windowsill.

13. Use finger dauber to color the cats’ ears and tail.  Glue one on the windowsill and one peeking from behind the staircase.

14.  Add flowers and leaves on banister and one at the corner of the window, lower right side.

15.  Use black ink to stamp the gift image onto white cardstock.  Color with color pencils, cut out, and glue under the tree.

16.  Add Crystal Stickles to the center of each flower and onto the top of the stockings.

17.  Add Pink Stickles to the tree lights and the star.

Memory Box Dies:  Classic Staircase, Festive Lights, Tiny Stockings, Train Set
Impression Obsession Dies:  Fir Trees, Window with Shutter
Cheery Lynn Designs Die:  City Girl Edger

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