Monday, September 21, 2015

Bathsheba, Reluctant Beauty

When reading this book, one thing you need to remember is that this story of Bathsheba is from the imaginings of the author, Angela Hunt.  Although it contains actual biblical events, the story surrounding these events is fiction.  With that in mind and understood, Bathsheba, Reluctant Beauty, is a riveting love story about a beautiful young woman named Bathsheba, who is married to and madly in love with her soldier husband, Uriah.  As one of King David’s most faithful and valiant soldiers, Uriah is sent off to fight in a war against the Ammonites.  Thus begins the end of Bathsheba’s joyful and contented married life with Uriah.

As many women did in those days, their baths were taken in the privacy of their sun-filled courtyards, usually in the late afternoon, sometimes in the early evening.  On one such evening, King David stepped out onto his terrace, seeking fresh air and release from a feeling of restlessness.  Once he caught sight of the beautiful Bathsheba, he was struck to the core of his being with desire for this woman and he could not avert his eyes, as decently required.  Not caring who this woman was or her status in the community, not caring whether she was virgin or married, David demand that Bathsheba be brought to him immediately, where upon he forced himself upon her, and all the while Bathsheba was protesting, pleading, and declaring her love for her husband.  As the Bible tells us, Bathsheba became pregnant, which led King David to cover up his evil deed by planning the secret murder of Uriah, Bathsheba’s husband.   He added Bathsheba to his harem under the ruse that he was taking her under his care in honor of the loyal and faithful soldier Uriah. 

Although the first child of David and Bathsheba died as punishment for David’s great sin, eventually another son is born to them, who was named Solomon.  God told David, through the prophet Nathan, that he was to anoint Solomon to succeed him, and that his seed would rule forever as long as Solomon was obedient to God.

As could be expected, contention and strife grew between the older sons of David as to who would one day become king.  There follows deceit, treachery, and murder from Solomon’s half-brothers, and Bathsheba’s constant struggle to protect Solomon until it was time for the prophecy to be made known.

Bethany House Publishers provided this book to me for free in exchange for an honest review.

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