Saturday, September 5, 2015

A Wonderful Gift!

I just finished reading an absolutely wonderful book called, "So Great Salvation, What It Means to Believe in Jesus Christ," by Charles C. Ryrie. It is in our church library and I highly recommend reading it, even if you have been a follower of Jesus for many, many years.

This is what the dust jacket says:

"In an age when there is a tendency either to water down the Gospel or add to it requirements that are not scriptural, people need a clear, concise, and authoritative word on the meaning and evidences of salvation. And that is exactly what Charles Ryrie provides in the pages of this timely book.

Here Dr. Ryrie answers key and practical questions such as :

*What exactly is the Gospel?
*What is spiritual fruit?
*Can a born-again Christian be carnal and, if so, how long?
*Can a person accept Jesus as Savior without acknowledging Him as Lord:
*Can a dedicated Christian take back part or all of his commitment?
*Must repentance precede faith?
*Is believing in Jesus Christ really so easy?
*What is eternal security?

As you read, you will find the Gospel message and its implications for your life clearly delineated. You will receive added insight and confidence to explain the Good News to family members, friends, and others without the Savior. And you will be touched anew by the marvelous grace and sacrificial love of the Author of our great salvation."

Head for the library now. This is a must-read book!